Thinking About My Father

My father died on July 27.

He was a lifelong educator who passionately believed in his work.

He was lucky enough to be able to integrate his faith and his vocation all of his life as a public school counselor, advocating for children, believing in the power of education to change lives, and working for the best of everyone he served.

There are too many stories to share, and I will be writing a few of those to offer here on the blog.

I do want to link to G5Center to begin. One of the gifts that my father left my brother and I with was a passion to tinker with computer hardware. He encouraged us to be fearless and wise, to get our hands in there and figure out how technology works. To this day, his passion sticks with me. I often “pray” by spending time rehabbing an old computer, cleaning it up, exploring how to get more out of it by spending a few bucks, and making it work better. It's fun.

Read a quick article about this here: When a Dead Mac IIci is a Gift

Stay tuned for more.